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TARSA (Tampa Area Recreational Scheduling Association) was instituted in 2000. The purpose of our league is a scheduling tool for the 17 soccer clubs we support in area from Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties within FYSA. The individual clubs have many teams from the U12 thru the U19 age divisions for Coed and Girls age groups.  Although we are not a competitive program and specialize in recreational soccer, scores and standings are kept and a End of Season tournament is held each year to determine an age group champion in each gender.

REGISTRATION can be done through the club nearest you and is usually held in August and September.  Play for each season usually runs from October thru February.  Recreational tournaments are held throughout the season also. Click on "Clubs & Locations" tab at top of page for more info on each club and to get to their web sites.

See Team Photos and Results on tab at top under 2017 Battle of the Bay

2017 2nd Annual Battle of the Bay (GYSA vs TARSA) Game - March 11, 2017 at Puryear Park in St. Petersburg

Start Time Age Group / Division GYSA Representative (Home) Score TARSA Representative (Away) Score Field Name / Number
9:00 am U19/U20 Coed / Boys West Fl Flames (EL) 941 Tottenham 2 West Fl Flames (BRN) U19 Lightning 0 Puryear North
9:30 am U12 Coed / Boys Seminole Shooting Stars SA R12B-2 Arias 7 Tampa Bay United North Holt 6 / OT- PK'S Puryear South Central #2
11:00 am U14 Coed / Boys West Fl Flames (PH) 461 Columbus Crew 2 West Pasco FC Real Madrid 1 Puryear North
11:15 am U12 Girls Celtic FC Florida U12 Girls Bel 0 East Pasco Blanca 8 Puryear South Central #2
12:00 pm U16 Coed / Boys Tarpon FC U16 Boys Team 641 1 Tampa Dynamo FC South 6 Puryear South
1:00 pm U14 Coed / Boys West Fl Flames (EL) 441 Celtic 0 Rural YSA America Jrs. 5 Puryear North
1:00 pm U12 Coed / Boys Chargers SC CLW Rec B2005 #244 2 Tampa Bay United North McSheffrey 1 Puryear South Central #2
2:00 pm U15 Girls Celtic FC Florida U15 Celtic Girls 5 West Pasco FC Strikers 1 Puryear South
3:00 pm U16 Coed / Boys West Fl Flames (PH) 662 Impact 1 West Fl Flames (BRN) U16 Barcelona 3 Puryear North
4:00 pm U15 Girls Chargers SC CLW Rec G2002 #541 1 Tampa Bay United North Etherton 2 Puryear South
5:00 pm U19 Girls Chargers SC CLW Rec G1998 #942 2 West Fl Flames (BRN) U19G Barcelona 3 / OT Puryear North

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 TARSA EOS Champions and Finalists

Age Group Champions Finalists Score
U12 Coed Top Tier Tampa Bay Utd. North McSheffrey Rural YSA Red Bulls 3-2 OT PK's
U12 Coed 2nd Tier Tampa Bay Utd. North Holt East Pasco YSL Ferrer 7-2
U12 Girls East Pasco YSL Blanca Tampa Bay Utd. North Etherton 5-1
U14 Coed Top Tier Rural YSA America Jrs. Tampa Bay Utd. North Carovano 5-0
U14 Coed 2nd Tier West Pasco FC Real Madrid FC Tampa Rangers 4-1
U15 Girls Top Tier Tampa Bay Utd. North Etherton Tampa Bay Utd. North Busch 1-0
U15 Girls 2nd Tier West Pasco FC Strikers Tampa Bay Utd. North Casanas 8-0
U16 Coed Top Tier West Fl Flames Barcelona East Pasco YSL Ozzie 3-0
U16 Coed 2nd Tier Tampa Dynamo South West Fl Flames Artillery 4-3
U19 Coed West Fl Flames Lightning Tampa Bay Utd. North Johnston 3-1
U19 Girls West Fl Flames Barcelona West Fl Flames Arsenal 1-0 OT PK's

TARSA End of Season Playoff Tournament Schedule Link

SCHEDULES  ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING.  Click on events link below. Simply find your age group, click and then find your team and click and it will display your teams schedule.

EOS and Battle of the Bay Finalists

See tab on top for this previous years End of Season Finalists Results and under the "More" tab, you will see the Finalists and Team Photos in the 1st Annual "Battle of the Bay Champions Cup.


TARSA is moving towards the initiative that has been put forth by FYSA and USYS Soccer. Age groups will be identified has the 15 with the "U" at end now. Example: U14 will now be known as 14U.  TARSA has decided to move away from the Girls High School age group and go to a more even age group distinction meaning that the Girls age groups will be now known as the 12U, 15U and the 19U. Please see table below to determine which age group your teams will be in through your clubs.  The clubs have been notified of this change and will register players accordingly. If players request to move up an age group, that decision would need to be consulted with the Club Representatives and approval through FYSA.  Absolutely no player will be approved to play down an age group.  For the 19U age group, if a player was born from August to December of 1997, they will be eligible to play in this age group this year.

Age Groups by Birth Year

Age Group Gender Birth Years
12 U Coed 2005 & 2006
12 U Girls 2005 & 2006
14 U Coed 2003 & 2004
15 U Girls 2002, 2003 & 2004
16 U Coed 2001 & 2002
19 U Coed 1998, 1999 & 2000
19 U Girls 1998, 1999, 2000 & 2001

US Youth Soccer Player Development Initiatives - New Age Group Matrix

As many of you are aware, US Soccer has mandated changes to its aligning the birth year for age groups for upcoming season and playing formats for U12 age group for the 2017 season.

US Soccer has been interested in moving from the current age group format based on school year to one based on calendar birth year. This model is used around the world and USYS would like to have all teams use.  This will become mandatory in the 2017 season but is being implemented this coming season. See age group matrix below

It is important to note that this was not a TARSA league decision but a decision made by governing bodies at higher levels. This effects all clubs in our league as well as our state and rest of the country.  Everyone is dealing with same circumstances regarding this change. We as a league realize that this will cause some anxiety for players, coaches and families but hopefully we will all get through this and continue to play a great brand of soccer.

TARSA has decided to field a 15U age group in the girls division this coming year to accommodate what we envision as a 'middle school" age group.  

We will continue to use the two year method of placement in divisions. For example, the "U"  meaning would be if a team is a U14 team, it would be 14 and under. FYSA and other governing bodies will not allow for players to play down age groups but may make exceptions to playing up an age group. That decision is on a club level and is based on a case by case situation.

In 2017, team sizes will be effected in the U12 age group as teams will go from playing 8v8 to 9v9. The idea is to have more players being able to get touches on the ball and player movement.



TARSA has decided along with many other leagues and clubs to initiate the upcoming player development plan with the following rule changes to our league.

In our 12U age group division, we will no longer have heading the ball by these players. If a player intentionally heads the ball, an indirect free kick will be awarded to opposing team at spot of foul. This will remain in effect during the entire season in league games.

Also, in this age group, we will move to 9v9 on field playing with rosters expanded to 16 per team. This will continue thru tourneys also during the season.

Both of these are in line with mandated USYS and FYSA player concussion and player initiatives.


    Celebrating it's 16th year, TARSA (Tampa Area Recreational Scheduling Association) is a scheduling tool for the recreational programs of 17 soccer clubs we support in the bay area from Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Hillsborough Counties within Region C of FYSA. TARSA strives to promote fair recreational play among it's clubs and teams and and provides fun competition for all our youth soccer players.

    Keith Etherton

    Keith Etherton

    TARSA President

    Phone: 813-770-8946

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